Discover Your Smile with Bruxism Treatments

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In order to ensure your smile can thrive for the rest of your life, you need to always look for any signs and symptoms of an oral health condition known as bruxism. Bruxism occurs when your teeth are ground or clenched together. If you grind your teeth together while sleeping, or are doing so unconsciously, numerous ailments can occur that are often present on your teeth and gums.

When caring for your oral health when bruxism is present, it is essential to be sure your damage doesn’t progress further. However, you may be suffering from bruxism and not even know it. Always look for signs and symptoms of bruxism may be occurring. This includes teeth that appear flat or worn down or even chipped and cracked with no other reasonable explanation. In addition, if you wake up with an increase in tooth sensitivity or earaches and headaches, it may be due to bruxism through the night. Other common symptoms include indentations on your tongue and cheek tissue damage that includes heavily worn or chewed cheek tissue on the inner linings of your mouth.

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