Have You Ever Heard of a Tooth Intrusion?

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When it comes to dental damage, most people are familiar with broken or lost teeth. But there is another type of dental trauma which may surprise some people. It is called a dental intrusion. A dental intrusion occurs when you sustain a blow to the face, but instead of losing your tooth, it is driven further into the jaw bone. It doesn’t happen very often, and it is more common in children whose jaws have not finished growing.

As our dentist, Dr. Willis Jensen can tell you, a tooth intrusion can cause several problems. For example, the tooth root can end up fusing to the bone. Or the root of the tooth can deteriorate. If the force of the blow is strong enough to drive a tooth into the jaw, the tooth can be cracked, or the blow could damage the pulp, causing it to become infected and die. This may require a root canal or even a tooth restoration.

Remember that with any impact to the face or jaw, the damage may not be obvious, or even occur right away. So if you experience a dental trauma in Arlington Heights, Illinois you should call Willis J Jensen DDS at phone right away. We can get you in for an emergency appointment and assess the damage and treat you for any current or potential problems.