Oral Health Advisory: Contamination

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Are you at an increased risk for contamination? If you’re not careful, you can easily contribute to additional harmful bacteria to your mouth because of cross-contamination due to the cleaning utensils you use or even eating utensils that you have. Furthermore, always try to prevent contamination from arising due to numerous sources. Even trying to wash off a baby’s pacifier by putting it in your mouth first can not only damage your smile but also put your child’s mouth at risk as well.

A common contamination risk that tends to arise is due to cleaning utensils. Even though you should always make sure that you are brushing and flossing daily, it is important to make sure that the items used remain clean. Always keep your toothbrush stored in an airtight container so additional contaminants and brushes cannot come into contact with it and cause cross-contamination. Furthermore, never let anyone else use your brush and never use anyone else’s toothbrush. For dental floss, never use the same strand more than once and never use the same section of each strand between more than one tooth.

If you wear a mouthguard or have dentures, it is important to always make sure they are cleaned properly. For dentures, they will need to be soaked daily in a denture-cleaning solution and mouth guards will need to be rinsed off with soapy water. A failure to do so can result in contamination that can put your mouth that risk.

Another common risk factor occurs due to eating habits.  When using cutlery such as forks and knives, it is important to never reinsert them into your mouth if they fall onto the floor or off of the table. Cross-contamination can also occur if you drink from someone else’s cup or eat from some else’s plate.

Avoid contamination whenever possible to ensure your smile can continue to thrive. When you are ready to visit the dentist office of Willis J Jensen DDS in Arlington Heights, Illinois, you can book an exam by calling us at 847-577-7440. Dr. Willis Jensen and our entire team look forward to helping you achieve the successful smile you desire.