Restoring Stained Teeth

Few things in life can give you the confidence a bright, brilliant smile provides. We understand the mental boost a great smile can give you, and what it does for your self-esteem. We also understand how frustrating it is to watch your smile become stained or dull over time. That’s why we put this post together. Today, we’re going to... read more »

Discover Your Smile with Bruxism Treatments

In order to ensure your smile can thrive for the rest of your life, you need to always look for any signs and symptoms of an oral health condition known as bruxism. Bruxism occurs when your teeth are ground or clenched together. If you grind your teeth together while sleeping, or are doing so unconsciously, numerous ailments can occur that... read more »

Why Pregnant Women are Susceptible to Gingivitis

Have you heard that women having children are perhaps more at risk for gum disease and tooth erosion? Fortunately, with a small amount of support from our office, you can keep your mouth healthy even during pregnancy. Here's a tiny bit of info on gingivitis and why it occurs in women having children so often; we hope that you enjoy... read more »