Why Pregnant Women are Susceptible to Gingivitis

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Have you heard that women having children are perhaps more at risk for gum disease and tooth erosion? Fortunately, with a small amount of support from our office, you can keep your mouth healthy even during pregnancy. Here’s a tiny bit of info on gingivitis and why it occurs in women having children so often; we hope that you enjoy it and that it helps you during this unique time!

Gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums also called gum disease, is a rampant condition, even outside of pregnancy; we treat gingivitis on a daily basis. Expectant women often experience gingivitis, also known as “pregnancy gingivitis,” because they are eating more food than usual, subsequently leaving more leftovers on their gums and allowing bacteria additional chances to develop plaque, tartar and an eventual infection of the gums. If Dr. Willis Jensen sees that you’re experiencing pregnancy gingivitis, they’ll likely suggest additional or more frequent sessions of cleanings to aid you to combat the gingivitis. With our aid, you’ll be able to keep your chompers healthy, helping your baby grow stronger.

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